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Os Contos da menina-Mulher

Quem conta um conto, acrescenta-lhe um ponto. Estes são os meus pontos sobre saúde, culinária e lifestyle. Aqui toda eu sou vírgulas, reticências e, no extremo, pontos de exclamação ou mesmo um ponto final!

Sex | 06.12.13

Eles é que disseram!

Your Shopping Style is Perfect Present Picker


You will search far and wide for the perfect present. You are very picky when it comes to buying gifts.
You are always looking for something unique, delightful, useful, and surprising. You consider carefully what each person on your list may need and want.

Your gift is usually the favorite, no matter how many gifts a person receives. And you love that.
For you, it's not about giving the best presents. It's about the look on someone's face after opening your present!

E disseram muito bem! Aqui.